Quantum Nufect

A proprietary buffer system for effective gene delivery and high cell viability maintenance

Gene-modified cell therapy involves the introduction of genetic materials into cells. Success of gene therapy is highly dependent on the efficiency of cell engineering and the quantity of engineered cells. The “therapeutic genes” can be delivered to a cell’s nucleus using virus or virus-free gene delivery vectors. Virus-free vectors have several advantages over viral vectors as gene delivery vehicles. Despite these advantages of virus-free vectors, there remain challenges that need to be overcome.

One of these challenges is improving efficiency in gene delivery. Electroporation is currently one of the most efficient methods for gene delivery and is commonly used for virus-free gene therapy. However, following electroporation, viability and expansion capacity of cells are markedly reduced. GenomeFrontier’s Quantum Nufect™ overcomes these challenges of inefficient gene delivery and low cell viability following electroporation.

Quantum Nufect™ is a highly efficient and cost-effective universal electroporation buffer system. In conjunction with an electroporator (e.g. Lonza nucleofector™), it can be used to efficiently introduce DNAs, RNAs, or proteins into multiple cell types with minimal reduction in cell viability.

We demonstrated that Quantum Nufect™ facilitates highly efficient vector delivery into several hard-to-transfect cell types, including human primary T cells (see Figure 1). We further demonstrated that during CAR-T cell production, Quantum Nufect™ not only preserves the viability of engineered T cells but also enhances cell expansion following electroporation. These evidence suggest potential benefits for using Quantum Nufect™ as a buffer system to manufacture clinical-scaled virus-free gene-modified cells.