A Platform for Designing, Constructing, and Screening for Leading Candidates of Therapeutic Gene Constructs

Figure 1. GTailor
A schematic illustration of the major steps in the GTailor™ platform. Following identification of a suitable therapeutic protein candidate (e.g. tumor-targeting proteins and/or tumor microenvironment modulating proteins; For more information, please refer to “Protein/Target Hunter”), sequence of the identified protein is confirmed for accuracy and added to GenomeFrontier’s library of therapeutic DNAs. Using a virus-free genetic tool box, a comprehensive and diverse collection of engineered cell libraries are established, and in vitro and in vivo model systems are developed for functional testing of the therapeutic protein candidate. The process is repeated until a lead candidate for clinical development is identified.

In our quest to develop advanced, affordable, and therapeutically efficacious gene-modified cell products and cell therapies, GenomeFrontier has established a one-stop platform, which we termed G-Tailor™, to effectively identify the lead construct design. This platform takes advantage of the company’s (1) proprietary therapeutic gene library, (2) comprehensive virus-free genetic toolbox, (3) capacity to efficiently generate large volumes of innovative design constructs, (4) capability to robustly establish therapeutic cell library, and (5) diverse and comprehensive model systems for functional testing. These components synergistically facilitate the rapid identification of the lead construct design for clinical development.